Grande Bretagne Ltd

A Luxury Collection Hotel

The company was established on 14.03.2003 under the corporate name GRAND BRETAGNE L.T.D. and trades as GRAND BRETAGNE TRADING L.T.D.

Its headquarters are in the Municipality of Athens and its offices are located on 1, Vas. Georgiou I Ave.

By means of decision of the meeting of partners, the company may establish branches, agencies or offices in other cities, in Greece or abroad.

The scope of the company is, inter alia to:

  • Import, represent and trade various food items and consumables (tobacco and alcoholic beverages)
  • Trade cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, newspapers and books on a retail basis
  • Import and trade stationery, textiles and tourist items in general
  • Operate and manage hairdressing salons, restaurants, refreshment booths, cafe – bars, etc.

The company’s share capital stands at € 18,000. LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTELS CO. S.A. holds 98.4% of the shares, while 0.16% are in the possession of Mr. Emmanuel Mavrikakis.

By decision of the meeting of partners taken in accordance with the provisions of Law 3190/55, as amended and in force, Mr. Konstantinos Vassileiadis, resident of Nikaia (Greek ID No. 126839/70) has been appointed company administrator.

GRAND BRETAGNE L.T.D. has leased a retail unit within the hotel from LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTELS CO S.A.

There are no other types of agreements or collaboration between LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTELS CO S.A. and GRAND BRETAGNE L.T.D.