Organisational Structure

Lampsa Hellenic Hotels SA

LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTELS S.A. is a dynamic company that turns to best advantage its long-standing tradition and expertise, pairing it creatively with up-to-the-minute know-how in the field of management. The combination of experience with modern management – and operational methods has been met with remarkable success and is faithfully reflected in the company’s high level of organization, internal structure and mode of operation.

Led by the Board of Directors that lays out the corporate strategy and manages its assets, the company has developed an effective and flexible internal structure that facilitates communication between its various operational units and enhances the decision-making processes.

 At the same time, acknowledging the key role of human resources in corporate development, the company has mapped out a policy for the benefit of its employees, investing in them, awarding their efforts and providing them with a highly organized, fully equipped and congenial work environment.