Luella Enterprises Company Ltd

This is a limited liability company established in the Republic of Cyprus on May 6, 2006, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 113 of the Companies Act, and has its seat at 16, P. Katelari St., Diagoras Building, Nicosia.

The scope of the company is to:

  • Purchase, acquire, accept, hold, trade in and sell in any manner shares, capital, bonds, other securities or interests of any other company, organization, association or business
  • Carry out worldwide brokerage, funding and investment operations on any real estate or movable property
  • Purchase, sell, exchange, lease or otherwise acquire or alienate, to that end, any real estate or movable property in any part of the world.

The company’s nominal share capital stands at € 200,000 and is divided into 200,000 ordinary shares at a face value of € 1 each. A total of 111,000 shares of the company have been issued at a face value of € 1 each, numbered from 1001 to 111.000, both numbers inclusive, and have been transferred to LAMPSA HOTEL S.A. at a transfer price of €100 each (namely €99 above par value), namely for a total of € 11,100,000.