Human Resources

Lampsa Hellenic Hotels SA

LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTELS S.A. employs a total of 492 individuals, of which 38 are university graduates, 89 are graduates of Technological Education Institutes, and 295 have attended various schools for the tourist industry. Employees carry out business functions in accordance with the company’s Regulations for Labor Relations, which have been approved by the State Employment Service for Human Resources. The company has taken out a Group Insurance Policy for all its employees.

 Well aware of the key role that human resources play in its development, LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTELS S.A. constantly invests in its employees, amply rewards their efforts and provides incentives for increasing productivity in a highly efficient, fully equipped and, at the same time, congenial working environment.

 The company applies approved international practices for the management of human resources, including:

  • Provision of an array of opportunities for staff training and education through the application of specialized staff training programs
  • Regular assessment of staff performance at all levels
  • Programs designed to promote regular communication between Management and staff, as well as among employees
  • Provision of special and extraordinary benefits, such as the Special Health Care Program, Special Pension Scheme, Bonus Payments e.t.c.
  • Participation of staff members in the ordinary Associates Committee for the adoption of pioneering programs, the planning of supplementary benefits and incentives, the coordination of all business activities, as well as the provision of moral satisfaction and material rewards to employees
  • Nomination of the senior executive member for “The Manager of the Year” award (Manager Award), who is handsomely rewarded
  • Establishment of a “Blood Bank” at St. Sophia’s Hospital for Children, which, for the past 11 years, has been made available to the Hotel’s employees and their families – a gesture of genuine love and compassion for colleagues and fellow-beings
  • Participation in the “Starwood Associate Relief Fund” program – an initiative of STARWOOD HOTELS & RESORTS WORLDWIDE INC. aimed at supporting the members of its international “family”. The program was created by the people of STARWOOD themselves, through their own financial contribution, to provide support for colleagues facing problems resulting from natural disasters (snowfalls, earthquakes, storms etc)
  • Holding a range of events for employees, such as the Children’s Annual Christmas Party with the participation of employees’ children and children from the S.O.S Village, the Annual Associates Party, Beach Parties, Painting Competitions for the children of associates e.t.c.