Lampsa Hellenic Hotels SA

LAMPSA HELLENIC HOTELS S.A. has adopted and invariably implements a profitable business policy which aims at the creative combination of tradition and innovation. The company’s main objectives are in keeping with the principles of this policy and aim at:


  •  Strengthening its position in the hospitality sector and increasing its market.
  • Consolidating the position of the “Grande Bretagne” Hotel as the top luxury hotel in Greece and establishing it as one of the greatest luxury hotels worldwide.
  • Consolidating the position of the “Sheraton Rhodes Resort”, the first Sheraton hotel to open in Greece.
  • Broadening the company’s business presence in the international tourism sector, beginning with the acquisition of the majority equity holding of the “Hyatt Regency” Hotel and the “Excelsior  Hotel” in Belgrade.
  • Seeking out new investment opportunities such as penetrating the new markets in the Balkans, acquiring or creating new City Hotels and exploiting the realm of Real Estate.
  • Cooperating with relevant Greek institutions in order to support the national strategy for international promotion.
  • Offering consistently high returns to shareholders, employees, as well as visitors to the company hotels.